5 Reasons You Should Already Be Creating NFTs

5 Reasons You Should Already Be Creating NFTs

In a world where content is king, it's more important than ever for African American artists to familiarize themselves with NFTs. Here are five reasons why.

NFTs are a relatively new form of art that is taking over the world. They're popping up in galleries, studios, and living rooms all across the country. But not many people know how they work or why artists should be interested in them as a way to share their work with audiences. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 reasons why African American Artists need to be familiar with NFTs as a way to share their work with their audience!


#01: NFTs are a great way to share your work with a large audience.
One of the best things about NFTs is that they offer artists a way to share their work with a large audience. Because they can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection and social media access, it's easy for people from all over the world.

Gaining a sizable audience has always been an issue for some marginalized artists, but with marketplaces like Rarible and Opensea, there are easy ways to connect with collectors from around the world.


#02: NFTs are a great way to make money.
Another benefit of using NFTs as an artist is that they can be a great way to make money. This is because the value of some digital artworks has been known to increase over time. So, if you're able to create pieces that resonates with a group, you can benefit from the resale of your work. This is because you can program royalty payments into NFTs that will pay you a set percentage of the proceeds of any future sales. So when that collector re-sells your piece at an auction or private trade ten years from now, you'll be guaranteed your share of the millions.


#03: NFTs allow you to connect with collectors from around the world.
The international reach of a network like OpenSea makes it easy for artists to make connections and sell their work in other countries. And, this ability is only going to increase as more people buy into the idea that art can be owned by anyone. This gives you the ability to create a community around your work. This approach is especially powerful when combined with social media channels like Discord, Twitter, and Instagram. You can even use a Facebook page or group to communicate new releases or share stories about your work and inspirations. 


#04: NFTs can help you build your brand.
A well-executed art campaign using NFTs can help to build your personal or professional brand. By creating a digital portfolio of your work that is accessible online, you make it easy for people to find and learn more about you as an artist. NFTs can include different media types, like audio, video, or written messages. The versatility gives artists new opportunities to create media experiences that speak to the inspiration behind the work and add character to your brand.

Take advantage of the features of NFTs by doing the unexpected. Add a video of the person that your illustration is based on, or add a clip of the neighborhood that inspired your song. There are endless ways you can layer on details that give your audience an idea of who you are and why they need to buy into your revolution.


#05: NFTs can help you build your legacy.
NFTs offer a way for artists to create a permanent digital record of their work that will last long after they're gone. This is done by embedding information about the artist and the artwork into the blockchain. So, as time goes on and you grow as an artist, you and your audience have a record of your creative journey.

Whether it's your first collection of illustrations, those first song recordings, or your first documentary video - it will all be there to secure your legacy and speak to your audience for generations.


Bonus Reason: NFTs are fun!
This is something that you may not be aware of, but the people behind theREPUBLIK DAO have a deep passion for art and love to collect pieces from our favorite artists in virtual form. So we strongly believe that anyone can benefit from using NFTs to sell their work or reach their desired audience and create new experiences.

The team here at the REPUBLIK DAO is committed to helping you do just that. Check out our site at theREPUBLIK.org for our latest news or reach out to us directly if you ever have any questions or we can be of help with your NFT journey.

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