Not All Climate Action Is Climate Justice

Not All Climate Action Is Climate Justice

Vanessa Nakate is a Ugandan climate activist who has been staging protests and rallies to call attention to the dangers of climate change since 2019. After co-founding both the Rise Up Movement and Fridays for Future Uganda, she is currently in Paris as part of a delegation of East African activists fighting against a proposed oil pipeline. In this interview, Nakate discusses her activism, meeting with Pope Francis, and being dubbed the African Greta Thunberg.


Although Nakate is grateful for the attention and support she has received, she feels that not all climate action is climate justice. She worries that some people are only interested in supporting her because of her race and ethnicity, and not because of the important message she is trying to spread. Nakate is determined to continue fighting for climate justice, and hopes that more people will join her in this effort.

Read her fill interview on at the link below: 


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