Philadelphia Murals in the Metaverse

Philadelphia Murals in the Metaverse

Rendering Justice is a powerful online exhibition, curated by artist Jesse Krimes, that showcases an expansive examination of mass incarceration and an unflinching depiction of contemporary America.

The artworks are part of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Reimagining Reentry program, which supports formerly incarcerated artists in the creation of public art projects. The nine artist’s work individually and in pairs to highlight a broad range of issues bound in mass incarceration, with a focus on Philadelphia.


This online exhibition features the work of artists Mary Enoch Elizabeth Baxter, also known by her hip-hop name “Isis Tha Saviour,” Reginald Dwayne Betts, Russell Craig, and others.

The exhibition is a moving exploration of the human cost of mass incarceration, and a powerful call for reform.


Rendering Justice is an important contribution to the ongoing conversation about mass incarceration in America. The exhibition provides a much-needed platform for the voices of those who have been directly affected by the issue.

We hope that you will take the time to view this important exhibition and join the conversation about how we can work together to end mass incarceration.



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